The Body by Vi Challenge™ has helped millions of people achieve their personal health and fitness goals with ViSalus® high-quality nutritional products. The Vi Community Challenge™ reaches out with a different goal—to bring the same healthy meals to children’s charities across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

One out of every two children in America are unhealthy, victims of nutritional deficiencies that put their lives and future at risk. It’s a problem that exists in every community, affecting more than 40 million children in the United States alone. Making a difference is as simple as making a donation.


Even a small donation can make a big difference through the Vi Community Challenge. You decide how much to give and ViSalus will match your donation, helping you provide twice as many nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack options for a nutritionally-deficient child.

  • Donate 30 child-sized shakes of Vi-Shape® Shakes and ViSalus will match you shake for shake.
  • Donate a week’s worth of Vi Crunch™ Cereal (7 servings) and ViSalus will match you bowl for bowl.
  • Donate a week’s worth of Nutra-Cookie™ snacks (7 cookies) and ViSalus will match you cookie for cookie.

There are no limits to how much or how often you can give—or how much ViSalus will match.

Together we can help children in need.

Through the generous support of the Vi Community, the Vi Community Challenge has donated almost four million Vi-Shape Shakes and Nutra-Cookies to nutritionally-deprived children in communities just like yours. With your help, we can donate millions more.

ViSalus works with more than 250 Vi Charity Partners throughout the USA, Canada and the UK. You can donate as many meals as you like to any charity in our network. Choose the charity nearest you, allow us to select a greatest need charity on your behalf or support our Disaster Relief Efforts, helping children and families in communities hit hard by natural disaster.

Giving goes so much further when we all work together. So join us. Challenge yourself to give good nutrition—and good health—to a child in need. Together, we can put a child in your community on the path to a healthier life.

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